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Hare Moon
The Cottage March/Ostara 2002


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The Hare Moon is the Full Moon seen in April, and it represents the connection between the Moon's energy and the determined and nurturing Taurus. The Hare Moon should reflect in your ritual the slow but reliable Earth Sign energy that Taurus displays when returning fecundity and fertility to the earth. Like the studious and conscientious student who works slowly and steadily towards the completion of some goal, the Hare Moon's earthy energy should be recognized and used to move projects along their paths with steady progress. Springtime awakens during this period and we begin to see the first results of the other moons' efforts to return the world to life. It is a time when the Goddess shares her hopes, love and joy with us with great eagerness.

Hare Moon(April)

Also known as: Seed or Planting Moon, Planter's Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Eastermonath (Eostre Month), Ostarmanoth, Pink Moon, Green Grass Moon

Nature Spirits: plant faeries

Herbs: basil, chives, dragon's blood, geranium, thistle

Colors: crimson red, gold

Flowers: daisy, sweetpea

Scents: pine, bay, bergamot, patchouli

Stones: ruby, garnet, sard

Trees: pine, bay, hazel

Animals: bear, wolf

Birds: hawk, magpie

Deities: Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast

Power Flow: energy into creating and producing; return balance to the nerves. Change, self-confidence, self-reliance, take advantage of opportunities. Work on temper and emotional flare-ups and selfishness.Fertility, conception and new growth