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The Cottage January/Imbolc 2002
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Welcome Back to The Cottage!

Welcome Back! This is our Imbolc Issue of The Cottage.
As we approach our anniversary issue at Beltane( Its hard to believe its been a nearly a year), The Cottage has developed into what we hope to be an informative and useful tool for our readers. We are planning an expansion in the near future and as a result are looking for writers, researchers, artists, and Html support staff. Check out our Help Wanted Page for details.

In this issue you will find a housecleaning article, sabbat recipes and crafts, Imbolc correspondences and ritual. Of course our regular Esbat page and some great information on Turquoise and Angelica.

We love to hear from our readers. So please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions, or submissions. Sign the guestbook and lets us know what you would like to see The Cottage bring to you in the future.

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