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The Cottage January/Imbolc 2002
Lets Clean House!


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Lets Clean House!

Imbolc is here and its that time of year where busy witches everywhere begin their spring cleaning. We scrub, scour, and shine , of course, but to a witch spring cleaning means so much more. We clean our physical environment of dirt just like most people do but we also clear our spiritual environment of nasty energies that have managed to build up just like the dust bunnies under the sofa.The purpose of a house cleaning is to consecrate the space for you and your loved ones to be safe, comfortable and happy all the time you are there.Many witches do this more than once a year but Imbolc and Ostara are traditional times to concentrate on purifying our homes, minds, and bodies.

There are many ways to tackle a house cleaning, first and foremost we get rid of the dirt we can see. If you do a thorough scrubbing every spring like I do this can take days but it is essential. If you spend a day or two clearing clutter, washing linens, and shampooing carpets the scrubbing can be uninterrupted and more effective. Once you are ready to begin start at the innermost part of your household. Wash walls and clean floors as you go( I bring my ritual broom along to symbolically sweep all negatives out of the room) as you clean each room visualize all the negatives being wiped away and left in you bucket. Change you water as you complete each room visualizing all negative energies going down the drain with the dirty water. Continue with this until you reach your front threshold and sweep whatever's left right out the door. Congratulations your home is clear!

Now we've cleared out all the nasties its time to go back and infuse the home with energies of happiness, protection, health and prosperity. There are dozens of rituals to help you do this. I will include one with this article but by all means research and find one you love or better yet write your own! Don't forget to finish up by adding protective sigils to your doors and windows.

House Blessing ( Author unknown)
Salt & Water
Incense (fire and air)
Milk & Honey
Oil (for anointing)
Wine (for offering)
Bells, Pots, Pans, Whistles, etc.
Cast a circle in the main room (livingroom) and after casting, visualize the circle expanding to include the entire house. Call upon the spirits and energies living in the house (or apartment). Invite those who will be harmonious with the new household and its energies to remain. Invite/ask those who will be happier elsewhere to depart. Release all "energies" not compatible with the new household. (This may be expressed as a "release" in order to unbind anything that may be stuck.)
Then call upon, greet, and invite ancestors, patron deities, and all harmonious spirits and energies to dwell in the house as they please.
Gather up the pots, pans, and all the noise-makers. Go to each door and window, not forgetting the fire-place and dog-door, making as much racket as humanly possible-to shoo out anything unwanted. (This is hysterical fun, and also raises lots of energy for the next important step.) Go again throughout the house and at each portal (door, window, etc.) sprinkle salt-water and cense, saying: "By the Elements I purify and charge this portal." Then anoint the portal with milk and honey, saying: "By Milk and Honey I ensure prosperity and peace within this place." Finally, anoint the portal with oil, saying: "With Oil I seal this portal and protect all within." At the front door a special prayer is said, asking the guardian deities (God & Goddess) to freely grant entry to all friends and loved ones, and to prevent passage (turn aside) to any who would do harm." Then, if it's a house-pour wine across the width of the threshold; if it's an apartment anoint the threshold with light touches of wine.
The house-holders then each take a sip of wine, leaving some as an offering to the Gods, and the Circle should be closed. The remaining wine, milk, and honey should be offered to the Gods. (In our case to the fruit tree and the oak tree in our yard.)
Addenda: This is very effective if done as part of a house-warming party, followed by much feasting. It has also been done very effectively by two people. It only takes about 30 minutes to do a large house. You can take the time.
Do make certain to "ground" afterward, by closing the circle and by eating. This ritual can "stir" up everybody and make the house feel full of "buzzy" energy.
House Blessing Notes
In the spirit of house blessings, I offer some selections taken from Cunningham's The Magical Household. I hope that they will inspire you to pick up the Cunningham book, because it's wonderful stuff...
For the doorway:
Suspend over the door a fresh sprig of dill, tied with a blue cord (or red, if you prefer), to prevent those who mean you harm from entering
Cross two needles, and stick into or tie onto a corner of your doormat, to prevent evil from entering.
Grind Dragon's Blood herb into a powder and sprinkle it on door and window sills, to protect your house from harm.