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The Cottage January/Imbolc 2002
Zephyrs Page


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Merry Meet! My name is Lady Zephyr and I'm a High Priestess with my own coven. My coven mates have nick-named me the "McGyver" of Witchcraft. Having found it impossible to find some of the ritual tools needed for our Sabbats, I resorted to making my own. In future issues of thecronescottage ezine, I'll be giving suggestions and instructions for some of the projects I've tackled. I hope these will be both helpful and enjoyable projects for solitary and coven alike. Blessed Be to all my brothers and sisters of the craft, and Happy Imbolc!-Lady Zephyr

As Wiccans everywhere are probably aware, the High Priestess or in some covens, the maiden wears a circlet of candles. This represents two things; the light as it is reborn to the world, and the eternal fertility of a circle. Of course, there are some inherent problems with fire so close to one's hair. My design gives a little space between the flame and the flammable. First, you will need a styrofoam circle of sufficient size to be placed on the head firmly. Wide red ribbon or strips of red fabric should be prepared in advance. For my purposes, I chose plain thimbles as the candle-holders because they could be easily recessed in to the styrofoam. You'll need 13 red candles and 13 thimbles. Cut holes in the styrofoam on the top surface using an apple-corer and insert the thimbles. These holes should be evenly spaced, but since the size of the styrofoam circles will vary, it's best to divide the circumference (usually provided by manufacturer) by 13. Now you're ready to decorate the circlet. The red ribbon should be slowly wound around the circlet, using a hot glue gun to fasten it in place. When finished, locate the thimbles and carefully cut out the pieces of ribbon covering them. Depending upon how elaborate your circlet is to be, you can now add decorative ribbon, pinpoint beading, studs, or whatever makes you happy. Keep in mind, either copper or silver should be represented, as these are the Goddess's metals. Before donning the circlet, firmly affix the red candles into the thimbles by melting a little wax into one at a time, and setting the candle while still hot. You're ready to wear your circlet proudly. One word of caution, I do not recommend allowing the candles to burn down. The circlet is not fire-proof. It also wouldn't hurt to dampen the top of your hair just before circle. Enjoy this wonderful Sabbat and the crown of the Goddess.

Blessed Be Lady Zephyr