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The Cottage January/Imbolc 2002
Monthly Gemstone


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Januarys Gemstone Turquoise


SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION: Turquoise is a Hydrous basic phosphate of copper and aluminum. It may occasionally contain some iron. The chemistry is CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8.4-5H2). This mineral ranges from sky-blue through bluish green; even occasionally apple green. The streak is white and the hardness is between 5 and 6.

ENVIRONMENT: Turquoise forms as a secondary mineral in the zone of alteration in disseminated hydrothermal replacement deposits.

OCCURRENCE: The finest Turquoise comes from the southwest slope of the Ali-Mirsa-Kuh Mts., near Nishapur, Khurasan, Iran. In North America turquoise is found mostly in the Southwest and occasionally in Mexico. Microscopic crystals of Turquoise occur in fractured quartz in a small copper prospect near Lynch Station, Campbell Co., Virginia.

GEMSTONE INFORMATION: Gem-quality Turquoise ranges in color from pale blue to bright blue. Vein Turquoise is usually poor in quality and does not take the polish that can be given to nodular Turquoise. Much Turquoise is porous, but it can be plastic-impregnated before use. Turquoise is used for cabochons or carved.

NAME: The name was originally French, [turquoise,] meaning "Turkish" It originally referred to material from the great localities in Persia (now Iran), which had passed through Turkey via the old trade routes and was mistakenly believed to have been excavated there.

LEGEND and LORE: This stone has long been used for protection against traumatic injuries. It was thought that the stone would shatter, thus warning the wearer of imminent physical danger. It was also used to decorate the bridles of horses, to protect them against broken bones from falls. Among the Native Americans of the Southwestern United States, Turquoise is believed to be a connector of Earth and Sky. It is one of the four "elemental" gemstones of the Pueblos; (the others are coral, jet and abalone shell). This is considered to be one of the Birthstones for December:

"If cold December gives you birth,
The month of snow, and ice, and mirth,
Place on your hand a Turquoise blue;
Success will bless whate're you do."

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: Turquoise is thought to increase Wisdom. "An old ritual utilized Turquoise to gain wealth. Perform this rite a few days after the New Moon when the crescent is first visible in the sky. Avoid looking at the Moon until the proper time. Hold a Turquoise in your hand. Visualize your magical need -- money -- manifesting in your life. Move outside and look at the Moon. Then directly shift your gaze to the Turquoise. The magic has begun. Carry the stone with you until the money arrives." (4)

HEALING: It is recommended that healers wear Turquoise to increase their power. This stone is also said to heal the emotional "heart" of the individual. In addition it has been recommended for healing stomach disorders and for the eyes.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I call Turquoise the "talk to me" stone. I use it at the Throat Chakra, in association with it's elemental side (water) to "make the words flow" when an individual has difficulty expressing themselves. In addition, whenever I make an animal fetish to represent a clients totem animal, I normally include a small chip of Turquoise where the throat would be. This is to encourage the Animal Spirit to "communicate" with the person. Finally, I will often carry a piece, or wear a piece of Turquoise when I am going to do a "reading" or teaching, both for mundane or metaphysical topics, because of its connection with Wisdom.


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Turquoise: Tones, strengthens entire body. Tissue regeneration. Aids circulation, lungs, respiratory system. Vitalizes blood, nervous system, Aligns chakras. Enhances meditation. Creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship, loyalty. (5)

By Legion of Light

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