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December and January Full Moons

Full Oak Moon Esbat Ritual
December - Nature's lessons

During November, we mourn that which we have lost and banish that which we no longer need in our lives. In December, we prepare for and celebrate the coming of the Light at Yule.

At this time in the Wheel of the Year, having faced and accepted death in its many forms, we understand that nothing dies that is not reborn. Nature teaches us this lesson as we look about the frozen and barren earth. Under the earth, life is waiting for the warmth of the Sun to warm it and cause it to grow. Yet, it needs this time of rest before growing can occur.

It is important to observe the earth at this time of year and learn its lessons. We all need to rest between growing cycles and allow the seeds for our new cycle of life to prepare for growth.

The times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies. At this ritual we invite and accept rest into our lives in preparation for the return of the Sun and the growing cycle.

This ritual was created for the December, 2000, Full Oak Moon Esbat.

Purpose: To rest and meditate on earth's lessons..

A white candle.
A clear quartz crystal, the stone of winter and cold.
A piece of oak, if possible.
The Working[i]
Oh Mother Moon, represented now in the Wheel of the Year by the Full Oak Moon, you represent Nature's lessons.

Help me to see your lessons of death, rest, and rebirth in the quiet, barren landscape that surrounds me now.

Hold the clear quartz crystal in both hands and meditate on the idea of freezing and rest until you feel restful inside.

Hold the oak in both hands and meditate on the idea of hope in future growth.

Sit will these energies, and with Spirit, until you can feel both rest and the hope of future growth in your soul. Then, hold the white candle and say:

God and Goddess, Holy Spirit, I accept your restful, healing energies into my life. May they prepare me for the future growth that the return of the Light represents.
Put the white candle in a holder. Sending the Energy[i]
She changes everything she touches; everything she touches changes.
As I light this candle, my will be done.
This, or something better, for the Highest Good of all concerned.
Light the white candle and leave it burning throughout the rest of the ritual.

Imagine the remainder of the energy flowing to God, Goddess, and Spirit; stand in Goddess position and "let go."

After the Ritual
Put out the white candle at the end of the ritual. Leave it on the altar, and re-light it in order to meditate with the restful and hopeful energies of this ritual until it is burned out. Then bury the remainder of the wax in the earth.

Full Wolf Moon Esbat Ritual
January - Searching for what we need

During January, the young Sun God begins to increase in strength. The Goddess, who was a Crone at Samhain and a new Mother at Yule, is now resting, to return as a Maiden at Imbolc.

January is named after the Roman God Janus, the two-headed God of beginnings and endings. Janus' wife, Jana is the guardian of the turn of the Wheel of the Year.

In his discussion of "The World" card of the Pythagorean Tarot, John Ops states that "by the laws of phonetic variation, Diana, Jana, and Iana are all equivalent," that "Jana = Diana Triformis, as lunar goddess, is equivalent to Hecate Triformis," and:

We have seen that Diana Trivia, who looks three ways, is the female counterpart of Janus [who looks two ways], and that Hecate Triformis [equivalent to Jana, as above] shows us the third face without which we cannot know our true destiny.[i]
The Full Wolf Moon gives us an opportunity to ask for what we need - to ask that the "third face" be shown to us so we can prepare the soil of our mind for planting those seeds in the Spring.

As the times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies, this ritual is designed to help us in our search for what we need. I designed this ritual for the January, 2001, Full Wolf Moon Esbat.

Purpose: To help us in our search for what we need.

A candle, cauldron filled with water, quartz crystal ball, or some other object suitable to use for scrying
Note: This ritual is best performed at night, while the Moon is in the sky.
The Working
Oh Full Wolf Moon, Mother Moon, you are the aspect of the Triple Goddess that represents our search for wholeness.

Goddess Jana, please assist me in this ritual to find what I need, for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of all concerned.

The room should be lit with only candle and moonlight. Put your scrying object on your altar.

Help me, Jana, to see your third face.
Show me [If you have a particular need or question, ask it now].
As I look into this [name your scrying object],
Show me what I need so I may do your work on Earth,
Fulfill my destiny,
And find union with God, Goddess, and Spirit. With harm to none, so mote it be.

Fix your gaze on the scrying object. Allow your visual focus to soften. With your question or goal in mind, maintain your gaze until it is released. Make note of any images you see, so that you can interpret them later.

Sending the Energy
Jana, Triform Goddess, help me to see the meaning in what you have shown me.
I offer my faith to you, and accept your guidance.
Blessed be.
Stand in the Goddess position. Release the energy of your desires, and accept the gifts of Jana into your life.

If you were using a candle flame as a scrying object, blow it out now.

After the Ritual
Write down the images that you saw, and reflect on the messages they may be bringing you.

from The Janic Tradition
2001 Janeson Keeley