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The Cottage April/Beltane 2002
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Beltane Anniversary Edition

Welcome to The Cottage! We are proud to announce that this is officially our one year anniversay in bringing you this ezine.There have been many trying times and some issues came together at the very last minute but we did it. It has been a year of dedication on the part of The Crones to try and bring you a quality publication ontime without losing our origional vision. We would like to thank all of our dedicated readers for sticking with us through the misspellings bad HTML codes and broken links. I think we are getting better with the Tech side and hope to expand in the content department. It has been so much of a bigger job than we had origionally thought we are advertising for writers, tech support, researchers and general help. We are toying with thoughts of a print edition in the future, pagan classifieds, greeting cards, and more. We are always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.

Don't forget to sign the guestbook and vote in the polls on your way out.
We would like to thank you again, Its been a great year!

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